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We provide Myofascial Release based, on-site table and chair massage for all types of events, corporate wellness programs, parties and any other event you can think of – from small to large. Request one therapist, or many.

(All therapists are CA certified and insured)

Corporate Chair Massage

Chair massage in the office is a great way to show appreciation to your staff for all they do. It is also a valuable addition to your wellness program, and has many health and emotional benefits such as:

Increases: Productivity, performance, concentration, creativity, and morale.

Helps prevent, alleviate, and reduce: Tension, physical and emotional overload, anxiety, depression, irritability, anger, employee turnover, absenteeism, health costs, and potential Workman's Compensation claims.


Sporting Events:  Golf/tennis tournaments, cycling, triathlons, mud runs, and any type of sporting event you can think of.

Health Fair: Promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Trade Shows and Conventions: Create a buzz at your booth and have customers stay longer and leave happier.

Grand Opening: Starting your own business? Create a lasting impression that will keep your company in your customers' minds for months to come. 

​Marketing Event: Have our therapists wear your logo and put up your banners to advertise your product or business.

Fund Raiser: Show your appreciation for those who support your organization, project or cause.

Music Festival: Nothing like getting a massage while listening to your favorite music.

Private Parties

Wedding shower and bachelorette party: Get rid of those pre-wedding jitters, or show your bridesmaids how thankful you are for all their help by showering them with a gift of massage!

Baby shower: Show your appreciation to friends and family for making the day so special.

Spa/Pamper party: The new rage – treat you and your friends to a spa/pamper party. Make the package complete with restorative massage!

Birthday/Anniversary: Show the people who are dearest to you how much you care. Remember, we can bring chair or table!

Housewarming: A chance to gather close friends and new acquaintances; start the tour of your new home with a glass of wine, and end it with a 10-minute-massage to welcome them in. 

Whatever your event, on-site massage can make it more personable and more memorable!

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