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Benefits of On-Site Massage​ at work

Relax & Rejuvenate!

~ Relieve tension and tired muscles.​

~ Breathe new life into the daily routine.

~ Increase performance, productivity & creativity.

~ Energize and motivate employees on a deadline.

~ Help improve & reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries (R.S.I.)

~ Improve job satisfaction & good feelings about the workplace.

~ Reduce employee absenteeism.

~ Enhance employee morale & loyalty.

~ Shows that the employer cares.

~ Appeals to a broad employee base.

~ Requires no overhead to maintain and no capital investment for start up.

Make it part of your workplace Wellness Program!



​​On-Site Massage​

for all events




About Us

Whether in the corporate setting, special event or private party, Lara and Gary provide the very best Myofascial Release based chair or table massage in the LA area!

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​tel: 818-533-1637

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