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Factors to Consider


Below is some basic information and a few questions for you. Let us know your parameters, and of course any further questions you might have, and we can figure what structure might be best for your needs.

There are a few factors that can affect the pricing:

​1. How many therapists do you need? For how long?

   Which can usually be decided by:
     a. How many people will be receiving massages?

​     b. How long should each massage be?

         Average is usually 10 - 20  minutes.

     c. Is this a special event vs. a regular occurrence?

2. Where and what is the location?

3. There are three possible payment structures:

     a. Company/host-sponsored: The company pays 100%

     b. Co-pay: The company/host and individual split the cost.

         (This is usually a 50/50 split, but depending on your

           budget we can make any split that works for you.)

     c. Employee/guest-sponsored: Employee/guest pays

         for 100% of their massages.

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